Exercise for success with Pro Athlete Erin Crawford and her team of excellent Coaches

Hey, I’m Erin and I want to personally introduce you to Body Tempo. 

I am so glad you came to check out what our unique studio could have in store for you. 
We are a small team of Certified Personal Trainers who create personalized and group programs designed to move your body with confidence, ease and JOY! 
If you’re in it for the 6-pack we are qualified to help with that too, but that’s never our end game. We believe YO-YO dieting and quick fix fitness is never the right approach. Your health and body matter and we uphold our standard to deliver the best training and healthy lifestyle for your unique body. 
Come by the studio and see for yourself. We’d love to meet you, or fill out our intake form and watch our video to see if Body Tempo is right for you. 
Move your Body!
Erin Crawford
Owner, BodyTempo Fitness
"I feel so happy to be working with Erin Crawford and Body Tempo! I have been going to the gym on and off for years, but never really knew what I should or could be doing during my visits. Her knowledge and expertise in exercise and nutrition, have really helped me set and achieve my goals." 
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