What is Plyometric Training

Plyometrics- also known as jump training—is a training technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness.  Originally developed for Olympic athletes, plyometric training has become a popular workout routine for people of all ages.  It consists of fast, powerful movements. This improves the way the nervous system works.

If you've ever been at the gym and spied someone in the corner jumping up and down on boxes, hopping around wildly or catching and throwing medicine balls, you've seen plyometric training. You may have been curious but, more than likely, you wondered, "Why would anyone do that to themselves?  Even adding a little plyometric training at the end of your workouts can be an added benefit to get your body to that next level of training.

Plyometric training has many benefits:

  •     Increases muscle mass, which means faster metabolism
  •     Burns more calories than traditional cardio
  •     Increases muscular endurance
  •     No extreme equipment necessary and can be done anywhere
  •     Can easily suit many different people needs
  •     It increases mobility in your joints
  •     It's a way to change your workouts, adding both challenge and intensity

 Plyometric training Requires strength and endurance, so make sure you build both with a complete program of both cardio and strength training before you try it.  This type of training should be done when you're fresh, not when you're already fatigued, and should be followed by a day of rest to let your body repair and recover.
Again, being cautious and doing basic exercises at first can help you ease your way into plyometric training. Now, how can you incorporate plyo into your routine?

Start slow its best to work your way up to high intensity training.  You could start by adding in at the end of your regular training, for example; 25 jumping jacks fast, 10 burpees and finish with 10 squat jumps (squat jumps are squat down and jump up as high and as fast as you can and slapping both knees at top).

If you are unsure about plyometric training and trying on your own.  I run a 10 week workout challenge that consists of :
  • Learning how to eat properly
  • Learning how to workout anywhere with plyometrics and other exercises
  • Training with me 2x per week.
  • Home workouts emailed out weekly to stay on track.
  • Full sets of body fat testing and girth measurements to make sure you are meeting your goals.
Erin Crawford
Certified Personal trainer and Lifestyle Coach
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May 15, 2015 by Erin Crawford
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