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Erin Crawford

Certified Personal Trainer with BCRPA and has been coaching athletes for competitions since 2010. She's also a Champion Figure Athlete, a judge for both the NPAA and IDFA, an internationally published Health and Fitness writer and a Mama to two Boston Terriers and a busy 2 year old boy named Jack.

fitness back in 2000

She got into health and fitness back in 2000 when she was left a heart-breaking, soul crushing, abusive relationship and found solace in lifting weights and feeling strength in her own body.
When she gained control of her power she never looked back.

She realized she was the creator of her own destiny.

Then she truly found her passion helping client’s  succeed at something they never thought possble. The abilitiy to feel fit in their bodies no matter their age. Being pain free and having a body that can respond to all of life’s circumstance is what she wishes for each of her clients. That state of flow is where health becomes attainable.

If you want some flashy abs, arms and legs she knows how to do that too.  Her belief is that it has to be for the right reasons. She is also a Pre and Post Prenatual Training Specialist so if you are going through pregancy she would love to help you in that area as well.

Wins in the Gym Trancend Into Life. Create Fully Expressed Freedom Through Your Workout. Be Yourself No Matter What. Blaze that Trail.

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years of hands-on experience working with clients from all walks of life.
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