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How does one stay motivated?

I think we have all been a victim of lack of energy and motivation. The question is HOW do we avoid falling off the fitness wagon and truly reaching our ultimate physique and fitness goals?

I will go over the following that have helped me through ruts, lack of motivation and energy.


Firstly I would look at “What are my Goals”. Let’s say you want look like the one of the Magnum Male Athletes or You want to look like one of the Magnum Female Athletes. Those are great goals to have. Now lets look at breaking down that goal into weekly micro goals. If you don’t have much experience of knowledge on how to achieve those goals. I would look at possibly hiring someone that has experience with goal you are looking to achieve. They will not only help you keep motivated but they can help you break your goal down.


Some days or all days we need an extra push to help us get out workouts done AND get the most out of them. Magnum has really helped me out in that department. A-bomb, DNA, Big C, Opus, Serum, Quattro, GREENS, Glutamine are just a few that help me on my DOWN days and on my GO Days. A-Bomb I find really helps me with my concentration in the gym. DNA helps me with FAST recovery and Strength gains. Big C helps fast lean muscle gains. Quattro and greens are necessary for fueling my body. Serum is amazing for giving me an extra push when I need it. Opus is great for late night workouts it’s a non stimulant product for cellular energy. Glutamine is an awesome immune support amino acid.


Sometimes I when I am not feeling motivated I will go and buy a new piece of fitness gear weather that be a piece of clothing or equipment to fire me up to want to TEST IT OUT :0).


Creating a dream board is always one of my favourites. What is a dream board? A dream board is a large poster board that you display and look at once a day. I create mine out of my fitness magazines. I cut out all the images out of the fitness magazine that remind me of my goals. I then glue them on the board in a creative way. I will even cut out words of encouragement and paste them on there too. So when I feel like NOT going to gym or eating my prepped meal. I look at my dream board.


As it states of above. Some of my favourite places are my fridge(where I need it the most ;0)) Bathroom mirror. These are just some of mine but feel free to post them anywhere in your home.


When I say that line above I mean put your workout into your Day Timer. Think of this appointment to be unchangeable. If you postpone your workout it sometimes will be done so till there is no time left in the day to complete it. Also, prepare your food in advance and bring your days worth in a cooler where ever you go. This will help if unforeseen events prevent you from a healthy option. I can also admit to feeling too tired after the gym to cook. If it’s already prepared then the quick unhealthy version won’t happen.

I hope that the above will help you keep on track with your fitness goals!

Happy Strong Training!