What is the 4 Week challenge all about

You are probably here because you are looking to either increase your consistency in your fitness routine or you are looking to start somewhere in fitness.  Or you are just looking to change things up.  You might have tried several other methods and just cant seem to find a rhythm or they are short lived.  


Here at Body Tempo we are a small group fitness and personal training studio.  You wont get lost in the shuffle.  We truly care about every single participant. We offer several class a week. 

We thought a challenge would be a great addition to the classes.  So if you are a current member there is a small additional fee to join in on the extras the challenge offers.  If you are not a current member we also offer a trial to the 4 week challenge.

What the 4 Week challenge offers:

-Weekly workouts emailed Monday morning at 5am.  This includes both; GYM workout option and, a HOME workout option with minimal equipment.  Even if you just have one band you can do these workouts.

-Menu plans to help maximize your results in the gym.  This is not a quick way to fat loss but rather long term habit creation to help with life long results.  More energy and just a general overall feeling great!  No one wants to eat like a pigeon and we don't want you too either! ( I will say we have an amazing track record for people completely reshaping their bodies in a positive way in the particular program, 10 years going)

- Depending on your membership you can attend either 2x a week or unlimited.  If you are not a member we do offer a trial version. (see below)

- 2x sessions of Body fat testing, measurements, and photos.  This helps us track not only body fat losses and it also helps us figure out if you are eating enough.  We can see postural changes. We can tell exactly what the scale is saying.  For example how much lean mass (ie muscle/bones)  and or fat mass (body fat in lbs) you are losing.

- What to expect during our workouts at the studio.  We focus on weight training, strengthening the body in a safe way.  We use  variety of styles of exercise.  As we know there isn't one way to fitness. As you can see on the class schedule all the different types of classes we offer.  From solid weight training, to Full body weighted workouts, targeted classes for certain muscle groups and those classes are formulated in a way to help build the body evenly and synergistically. (not just a bunch of exercises thrown together), HIIT, CORE, and the list keeps growing as we do.

-Report card at the end of the challenge showing where you have made improvements and where we might need to make additional changes to continue your fitness journey.

-Grand finale with prizes and some fun fitness games and put your new strong body to the test and see what you are truly capable of.



Member Level 1, 2 or 3: $75

Non-Member trial Level 1: $225 

this includes all of the above plus 8 classes. 2x a week.  (only one participation per non current member)


How to sign up:

Email: info@bodytempo.com

call: 250 618 3443