Erin Crawford

Hello my name is Erin Crawford, I am the owner of BodyTempo Health and Fitness inc.™ located in Nanaimo BC. I have always been involved in competitive sports. At a younger age I skied and swam competitively and I most recently succeeded in becoming a Champion Figure Athlete. I am a Certified Personal Trainer with BCRPA and I have studied in the fields of Sports Nutrition and Athlete Development. My experience and knowledge have aided me to help many people from all walks of life, both young and older. Some common goals I have been able to help my clients achieve are; weight reduction, improved flexibility, gaining muscle mass, improve and recovery from injuries, endurance training and excel in sport specific activities. Another passion of mine is cooking healthy, balanced and tasty meals that everyone can enjoy.

I have been coaching athletes for competition since 2010, both in person and online, and am a judge for both the NPAA and IDFA. I am a internationally publish Health and Fitness writer.

I'm proud to be sponsored by Canada's own Magnum Nutraceuticals. Magnum Supplements help me be the best athlete possible with quality supplements. I am also sponsored by an amazing Swim line and Competitive suit maker She will make you anything you want custom.

Erin Crawford, Owner, BodyTempo Health and Fitness

Competitive Achievements

2008 4th Place NPC Florida, Tampa 2009 1st Place WNSO, Vancouver 2009 3rd Place WNSO, World Championship 2009 4th Place Figure America Universe 2010 3rd Place WNSO Word Championship 2011 Featured in Oxygen's October issue
2012 Hot and Fit 100 2013 Hot and Fit 100 2014 Hot and Fit 100 2012 1st Place IDFA Figure Pro 2012 2nd Place WBFF 2013 2nd Place NPAA
2014 2nd Place NPAA 2014 2nd Place BCABA 2015 7th Place IFBB World Qualifier 2016 10th Place Arnolds Classic Amateur 2016 Featured in Hot and Fit 100 Inside Magazine 2017 Featured in Natural Muscle Magazine

Brittany is a fourth year kinesiology student at Simon Fraser University and a NASM certified Personal Trainer. Brittany has worked at the SFU physiotherapy clinic, with the SFU mens basketball team as team trainer and runs a fitness class at  SFU during the school year. She has training with concussions, spots medicine, nutrition and human anatomy.

Brittany has always been passionate about health, fitness and helping others feel good in their bodies which lead her to want to pursue her degree and coach others along the way. Raised in a family with 3 brothers, Brittany has grown up playing many sports and has never been one to be afraid to challenge her fitness. Throughout high school Brittany struggled with an eating disorder that stopped her from playing the sports she loved. After treatment Brittany found a new passion for running, weight lifting and nutrition to grow and fuel her body. Brittany now uses her experiences to help others to achieve their goals, improve their own health and fitness and provide motivation along the way!

Brittany hopes to continue her education after her degree to become a physiotherapist where she can continue to help others achieve their health goals while providing rehabilitation to injuries. While she works on her goals Brittany aims to help as many people as possible achieve their goals through her passion for healthy living.


Grace's passion for fitness started at age 17 when she first got introduced to the gym and quickly fell in love with it. She also stayed very active throughout her younger years with 13 years of soccer and 5 years of lacrosse. She quickly realized that helping people reach their goals in the fitness industry was her calling and she absolutely loves what she does.

Grace has lived in Nanaimo for 17 years and loves exploring Vancouver Island! She is very proud to be building her career in such an amazing place and hopes to further her knowledge in health and fitness more and more every day with Erin and Body Tempo.

Grace is a BCRPA certified Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at Body Tempo Health and Fitness. She competed in the NPAA Canada Classic and took a top 5 placement. Her goal is to be consistently doing bodybuilding competitions in the future!

“Choose a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”