Polices Procedures on possible hazards:

Firstly, welcome back to Body Tempo Health and Fitness! These measures are in place to support you in staying healthy and safe.  These polices are non negotiable for both clientele and staff.


Upon entry:

  1. Please wait at door, if someone is at entrance.
  2. We will continue to maintain social distancing of 6 feet apart at all times including coaches. If coach breaks barrier they will be in Mask and Gloves and long sleeves and pants.
  3. If someone is at the front please wait for the ‘X’ marked area to be clear before entering.
  4. Water bottle washing station at front and Hand sanitizer provided durning class.
  5. No outdoor shoes. Please bring in your indoor shoes and change them at the front mat.
  6. Once shoes are changed please leave your shoes at the front door. Placed neatly and not on top of anyone else’s shoes.
  7. Wash your hands thoroughly before exercising or use hand sanitizer provided at front door. There are clearly posted signs in bathroom on proper hand washing procedures for both entry and exit of gym.
  8. Please pick up personal sanitation basket at front door before proceeding to Red "X" in gym.  There are 11 "X"s marked throughout gym.
  9. Then proceed to a clear marked “X”on the gym floor. That will be your starting space.
  10. We recommend both staff and clients wear a mask and gloves while training. This is not mandatory.  This is an extra step you can take while trying to be safe.  Bring your own clean mask and gloves if this step is important to you.
  11. Avoid touching the face and if you happen to touch your face during your workout sanitize your hands or dispose of your gloves.
  12. After each exercise and contact with equipment will be thoroughly sanitized.
  13. Please bring your own water bottle with your supply of water you will need during your workout.
  14. No handshaking or hugging of any kind (sad face) 6’ feet away air hugging will be permitted (happy face)
  15. Showers will be closed
  16. Bring own towel if needed for sweat. (I personally use a paper towel or face cloth in my pocket or bra)
  17. As coaches will be be giving verbal cues and demonstrations with zero contact.
  18. If you become ill please stay home. Once you notify staff, will we request you stay home for 14 days to self quarantine. Please go and get COVID test.  Once your test results come back and are negative you can show results and come back to training.


Thank you for reading this extensive list.  If there is anything we have missed please bring it to our attention.


Thank you, 



  1. Most above apply.
  2. Wash your hands upon entry.
  3. Apply gloves. If you happen to touch your face with gloves.  Remove gloves and put new ones on.
  4. We are going to be cuing exercises verbally and by demonstration.
  5. We are able to take measurements and body fat testing if in full length pants and full sleeves. Hair tied back and full PPE gear. EI Gloves and mask.  Gloves to be tossed out once used.
  6. Mask can be reused as per hospital guidelines. Store mask in paper bag with name labeled.
  7. Wash hand thoroughly before applying mask and removing.
  8. If you feel sick or loose sense of smell and taste. Please let Erin know and all your appointments and classes will be rebooked. You will be be on leave for 14 days and self quarantining as per government rules.