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How to get the best tanning results:


Exfoliate your skin for 2-3 days with an exfoliator Mit or cloth. Do not use oil based exfoliator scrubs.

  1. Shave if necessary 24 hours prior to spray. Or 24 hours after again only if you need to. Not necessary for tan.
  2. Come with clean skin (no moisturizers or make up).
  3. Wear dark loose clothing when coming for tan. Sandals if possible as well.
  4. Avoid showering for 8-24 hours. This will help your tan to develop fully.
  5. When you do shower for the first time, avoid any scrubbing or soaps. Rinse off using hands to wash off bronzers.
  6. To help make your tan last as long as possible moisturize daily.
  7. Tan should last up to 5-7 days if properly taken care of. This is the natural shed shedding schedule.
  8. Please note once tan is on it may get marked but know that it is just the bronzer and once you shower it will be a beautiful streak free tan once it has developed fully.