Spray Tanning 

  • Single 1 hour Developing spray tan $45.99 plus taxes
  • Single Anti-aging spray tan with broccolli seed oil and shea butters $45.99 plus taxes
  • Group of any 5 days is $200.00 plus taxes
Infra Red Sauna Sessions 
  • Single 30 minute session: $25 plus taxes
  • Single 60 minute session: $40 plus taxes
  • Group of (5) 30 minute sessions: $100 plus taxes
  • Group of (5) 1 hour sessions $160 plus taxes

How to Get the Best Tanning Results

  • Exfoliate your skin for 2-3 days with an exfoliator mitt or cloth. Do not use oil based exfoliator scrubs.
  • Shave if necessary 24 hours prior to spray. Or 24 hours after again only if you need to. Not necessary for tan.
  • Come with clean skin (no moisturizers or make up).
  • Wear dark loose clothing when coming for tan. Sandals if possible as well.
  • Avoid showering for 8-24 hours. This will help your tan to develop fully.
  • When you do shower for the first time, avoid any scrubbing or soaps. Rinse off using hands to wash off bronzers.
  • To help make your tan last as long as possible moisturize daily.
  • Tan should last up to 5-7 days if properly taken care of. This is the natural shed shedding schedule.
  • Please note once tan is on it may get marked but know that it is just the bronzer and once you shower it will be a beautiful streak free tan once it has developed fully.