I have been Erin's client for the past year.  I knew within 2 months time, that I would be her client for life.  I have always been fit and healthy, but my physique completely transformed to what I thought would be unreachable levels, using her workouts and following her nutrition plan.  The workouts are always challenging, and even a year in, I always have exercises in my block that I have never seen before, so the workouts are never boring or repetitive.  She has introduced me to a style of training that I fell in love with, incorporating cross fit techniques and power lifting, along with plyometric and cardio intervals.  There is no way that a body would not respond.  Her nutrition plans are easy to follow, and allows you flexibility in certain groups of foods to choose from.  You are never regimented to eat recipes that are pre selected for you, therefore you can always eat foods you enjoy.  Erin genuinely cares about her clients.  She always checks in with my emotional state, especially during more intense periods of competition prep.  She is an inspirational mentor, and has become a friend.  I have recommended many friends to Erin now, and all of them have stayed on with her.  That speaks volumes.  I highly, highly, highly recommend Erin Crawford @BodyTempo to reach your fitness goals.

Anna Chwist

#transformationtuesday ! Left pictures were taken January 12th, 2016 and the rights were the morning of my first bodybuilding show on May 7th, 2016. Four months of hard work, dedication to my goal, and a whole lot of sweat.

This would have not been possible without the incredible guidance and support of my coach @bodytempo. She never let me doubt myself and pushed me when I needed it most.

I can't WAIT to see the package I bring next year!

Desiree Barnette

I am over the moon happy with my 6 month progress changes !! Thanks to Erin Crawford at BODY TEMPO, For the amazing knowledge and expertise on helping me to continue to achieve my goals whether there weekly or monthly or long term goals, I wouldn't be able to get them with out her help! Some people ask well why do u have a trainer or why do u workout every single day ? i love to workout and feel good about myself it not only has helped me with body confidence but as well mentally and how I deal with my daily life challenges. I love the path I have chosen for myself and to as well be able to show my kids a healthy life style and get them started at an early age ❤️

Nancy Parkinson

I wanted to submit my amazing trainer Erin Crawford as trainer of the year. She has given me the most amazing training programs, and diet, that all work with my own dietary restrictions, and old injuries. She has supported me and always been there for me whenever I need her help. I truly believe she deserves this award, I am a trainer as well, and am highly impressed by her professionalism, skills, and passion for what she does. She has made my first ever competition at the age of 50 a lot easier for me.

Katie Nix

I wanted the best and I got it! Erin is so dedicated and went above and beyond ! I have such massive respect for her. Being alongside her made me feel invincible too ! Her critical eye noticed my every body movement so expect to progress rapidly!She gave me so many corrections that were game changers for me that no coach ever noticed before! She is fully submersed in the competition world and helped from the nutrition, training, posing, suit selection and tips how to make it more affordable too (spray tan tips, places to shop, food prep ideas, makeup artists, photographers, hotels etc) This was such a great investment for me and I am so happy I did it, that she was able to hold my hand throughout and make it a great experience for me!

Keara O'brien, Nanaimo BC

I started working with Erin about 6 months ago. I had always had pain in my shoulder and hips. So much so that I was in constant pain. I had gained weight and was honestly getting scared of going to the gym, in fear that I would make it worse again. Erin and i started at the basics and after just one short month I saw huge improvements. Now I never have any pain, and I feel stronger than I've ever been.

The meal plans that Erin provides was another huge sell for me, as i have a very busy work schedule. The meals plans helped to alleviate the stress and guesswork on ensuring I was getting enough fuel for my workouts.

Erin is a wealth of knowledge and has catered my plan to suit my needs. Just recently - in a last minute decision. I did my first bikini competition with NPAA. I decided 8 weeks out that I would go for it, just to give myself a goal. Erin never let me quit and was there for me the whole time! She really believed in me when I needed it and I ended up taking home 1st place in the Novice.

I can honestly say meeting Erin has had a huge positive impact on my life. Both physically and mentally.

Thanks so much for all you do

- Angela Gueldenstern Ladysmith, bc

Erin is the best. It's been awhile since I felt like my trainer actually cared about me and not my money. Her food plan is amazing and she is great to learn from

- Natalie Mercer, Nanaimo BC

Erin is awesome! At a time when I needed a change. I took the plunge and called her. Her support and encouragement has helped me regain a love of fitness I had lost. As well a love for myself. My health has improved from the inside out. Mentally, emotionally and physically!

Tim Jones UVIC Soccer player

This is progress, progress that has taken me so many long years to achieve, so many setbacks, so many barriers to over come. It was a battle I was ready to give up on, but @bodytempo helped push me beyond what I believed I was capable of, pushed me to my limits and further. Now I'm ready to keep breaking my barriers and push beyond my potential. Erin has been so instrumental in my progress and I'm so grateful. Another thanks to @hardmagnum for the supplements that gave me the added drive and boost to get me this far.

"Your imagination has to take you beyond the pain, your imagination has to take you beyond the trouble. Your imagination has to take you to the next level"

Becky Edwards Kingston

1 month into my program :) I don't normally post photos like this but I want to share the wonderful progress I have made with Erin Crawford at Bodytempo . It's been about 4 years on and off trying many workout programs that have helped me achieve some of my goals. However this is the first time I've complemented my workouts with a meal plan. I feel so proud of myself for all the hard work I've put in... It was not easy. I feel happy, healthy, and strong! Can't wait for my next month of progress :) #bodytempo

Genevieve Gohier Second Place Vancouver Pro Show, Montreal

I'd love to send out a big THANK YOU! To my coach Erin Crawford owner of Body Tempo in Nanaimo for all of her amazing coaching and friendship. She gave me the best workout & food plans that kept things progressing towards my goal. She showed me this can be done naturally, keeping my health and wellbeing always as a number one priority! Oh and did I mention we did this online? ‪#‎bestcoachever‬


Kyla Fiddick

"I recently worked with Erin to train for my first figure competition. After meeting with Erin for the first time, I found her to be extremely knowledgeable. Erin helped me achieve my fitness goal by providing me with regular meal plans and work out plans. Throughout my 13 weeks of training, Erin was always available for questions and was very supportive in times when I felt it harder to keep up with my meal plan. Erin was great about "checking in" with me to assess my progress and provided much encouragement! It was especially important to me to have the support of someone who understands what I was going through. I learned a lot working with Erin and will continue to incorporate the health and fitness knowledge I gained through my training program into my regular lifestyle. Whatever your fitness goals are, Erin's knowledge can get you there and her support will keep you on that path."

Deanna Victoria BC

I was looking for a trainer that could help me achieve my goal of hopefully competing some day. I am so grateful that a friend gave me Erin’s name. She provided me with everything I needed to achieve my goals. My workouts were interesting and challenging. She is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and caring. I have confidence in her and felt safe with her guidance to push myself. I looked forward to my workouts with her. With Erin’s help I was able to achieve things that I wanted to and then even exceed my own expectations at times. I feel that with Erin’s help I have done my very best and the journey has been so fulfilling and rewarding. Even though I was the one doing the workout I feel that Erin and I both worked hard and had a lot of fun at the same time to get where I am. I feel so fortunate to have met her and I know that the knowledge and skills she has passed on to me will help me maintain my healthy lifestyle I have achieved.

Jordan Skinner VICTORIA BC

“My name is Jordan Skinner and have to say since training with Erin Crawford in July I have noticed dramatic changes in my physical appearance. When I first met Erin she sat me down and assessed my fitness level and from there she was able to customize a workout plan that best matched. Since then, Erin has provided me the time and energy to allow me to focus on my fitness, nutrition, and goals to become stronger, healthier, and fitter than I have every imagined was possible. When I first started training with Erin I was 200 pounds and had low confidence in my physical appearance. Over the last 5 months I have not only been provided excellent instruction, but also dedicated support outside the gym with nutritional tips and supplement recommendations to get the most out of my workouts. I am now leaner and in the process of bulking up and continue to see Erin on a regular basis to ensure that I continue to follow my fitness goals. I cant thank Erin enough for giving me the confidence to help me reach my goals. I recommend to anyone who hasn’t met Erin and is looking for a dedicated trainer to get in touch with her because her knowledge, experience, and dedication is second to none.”

Myndi Rhodes VICTORIA BC

“I feel so happy to be working with Erin Crawford and Body Tempo! I have been going to the gym on and off for years, but never really knew what I should or could be doing during my visits. Her knowledge and expertise in exercise and nutrition, have really helped me set and achieve my goals.

The results are astonishing and I feel well on my way to my first figure competition! Erin is a happy, energetic and accommodating young woman, and I will continue to refer friends and family to her for her exceptional services.”

Sheldon Victoria BC

“Erin is a truly excellent trainer! She is the perfect combination of tough ("Erin, you are KILLING me!") and warm ("Sheldon, you are doing SO well"), and she works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts, I am stronger mentally and physically, I have better balance in my life and most importantly, working out has become fun. Throughout my competition prep Erin helped me get through my highs and lows. I was extremely happy with the end results and look forward to working with her again for my next competition in 2014! I highly recommend her without reservation.”


I found out I was pregnant in May 2012 while in the midst of prepping for my first fitness competition with Erin Crawford. Once she knew I was pregnant (and I told her I was going to set aside my plans to compete until after my baby was born) she quickly adjusted my program to reflect a safe, healthy, yet still challenging weight and cardio routine. I delivered my son in October of 2012 and I can honestly say the ease of the delivery was because I stayed so active during my entire pregnancy ( I had no complications ). 4 months after having my son I started to prep for my first contest and sought Erin’s help again. She trained me to a first place finish in the masters division at the 2013 IDFA show in Vancouver. Erin’s diverse training knowledge and encouragement cannot be overstated.


Lost 21lbs in just 8 weeks. In a challenge. Lost 6 inches off her waist. Lost 17lbs of body fat in 8 weeks in a challenge.

Renae D Blackmore VICTORIA BC

“I came to Erin with the desire to lose weight after having my first child and right before my wedding date. Shortly after meeting with her I received a planned out weekly food diet. The plan took into consideration my life style, so it was easy to follow and made me feel amazing. Not only did I reach my desired weight for my wedding, but Erin helped me feel confident and beautiful for my special day.”

Samantha Jahnke

I had the pleasure of training with Erin a month out of my very first fitness competition. Erin created a bikini bootcamp for me to get me stage-ready FAST! Her meal plans were easy to follow and gave me lots of choices, making the diet manageable; the training program was hardcore and I loved every minute of it. Being able to see my body transform every week was awesome and the end result was a fitter me than I'd ever seen before. I'd recommend Erin's training and programs for anyone looking to get fit and healthy with an ever-changing and evolving program. Thanks Erin!

Jessie McGarrigle

Erin is such an amazing trainer! I was in a slump and needed someone to inspire me to start working out again and Erin's 10 week challenge was just the thing I needed! Thanks for kicking my butt into gear (and shape!)

Susan McInnes

I started individual training with Erin close to 2 years ago after surgery halted my preparation for Tough Mudder. In under 4 months Erin was able to get me to a point of completing Tough Mudder injury free and I wouldn't dream of working with another trainer. Erin provides easy to follow meal plans and training programs and has been great at helping me set new goals. I highly recommend Erin.

Jodi Craig

I attended a 10 week challenge with Erin and was very successful in losing 18 lbs and 11.5 inches. I may not have followed her meal plans to the T but I did learn some important eating habits. Even now every meal I prepare I think about what I am eating, and if it is in the plan.

I did this challenge with a friend who was also very successful and won the challenge, my boyfriend also changed his eating habits and lost 25lbs.

I would like to thank Erin for her dedication and hard work. I would recommend this challenge or any of her other work outs.

Rebecca Hill

Erin is amazing. She helped me to be the fittest I have ever been. Dynamic workouts that will keep you focused and motivated!

Jennifer Heinrich

Amazing trainer, I did PT and 10 week challenge, she so supportive, dedicated to helping you reach your goals!!!!

Tracy Crawford

Erin gives the best workouts! She is professional and knowledgeable in instructing group class and individual training. Her ability to get results is impeccable! She is fun to be around and cares about helping you achieve your goals. I highly recommend Erin to all my Clients, whether its to gain strength, fat loss, sports training performance or for well being.

Christine Dure

Body tempo is upping my tempo! Seeing fast changes, this girl is not only transforming my body but my Life as well! Thanks Erin!