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Pre injury rehabilitation and strengthening. Pre hab training?

Pre hab training is a term I use with my clients. Pre hab means to me: Pre Injury rehabilitation and strengthening.

It’s important to take care of your body for the long term. Have you ever heard the term “Take care of your body, because it’s the only place you have to live”. We all love a good workout session, soccer game, running clinic, football game, and whatever suits your fancy.

Even if you do everything right and sometimes even more so aches and pains can occur. If those aches and pains go uncared for you can develop even worse problems. Your joints can break down, muscle tears or tendon tears. These types of problems can keep you from doing what you love best.

This is where Prehab can help. I teach my clients how to warm up properly and fire the appropriate muscles prior to working them. This is another method to help you prevent wear and tear on your joints.

Foam rolling is another great tool for helping roll out tight muscles. This is a type of self myofascial release technique. Other self myofascial release techniques can also help. Myofascial release breaks up adhesions in the muscle created by your sport or activity. Adhesions are fibrous bands that form between muscle tissues. If untreated may cause pain, decreased Range of Motion (ROM), fascial restrictions, and injury. This can even help you come back from injuries even stronger than you once were.

Another Prehab tool is to allot some of your time to your smaller postural and stabilizing muscles. If you only focus and work on your mirror muscles (larger visual muscles) they can pull your smaller muscles out of balance and can even stop them from firing appropriately. Again this can cause down time from your sport and may even cause pain.

I hope this article helpful to you to be physically happier in 2014 and achieve all your goals both inside and outside of the gym :0) with ZERO downtime from these pesky problems :0)