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Prepping for Success

This article has the intention of making your life less stressful. Giving you some tools that I use to be prepared and make your fitness journey less stressful. NEVER BE TIED TO YOUR FRIDGE AGAIN.

We have all been in a rush, unprepared once or twice before. I know I can be unpleasant when hungry, A.K.A. HANGRY. Rushing round the house to get something clean to eat or just plain grabbing something quick and not on target with nutrition your goals.

Ever felt like you couldn’t go out because it doesn’t comply with your fitness goals? It can sometimes feel like you are chained to your house because you might be tempted. I know I have. Or give the line “ I have to go home because its time to eat”.

Here are some simple steps to make your fitness Journey more freeing and empowering.

I will spend Saturday morning grocery shopping for everything I need for the week. I find less trips going to the grocery store the less money I spend on unnecessary items. I will go to the local butcher and pick up all my local free range and grass fed meat. Then off to get my produce.

The fun part. I will spend my Sunday morning BBQ’ing my meat for a fast and easy way to cook multiple types of meat such as extra lean beef patties, chicken, steaks, turkey breasts and I will even throw on the grill romaine, and zucchinis.

Pre chopping stir-fry’s is a great way to have fast freshly cooked veggies in less than 10 mins. I will stir fry onions, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, coloured peppers, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and kale. I will cook the first batch on Sunday that will be enough for at least 2-3 days. The rest of the veggies I will layer in large storage containers uncooked and ready to be flashed in the pan in minutes for the next batch during the week. This way I am not eating veggies that have been cooked and sitting in the fridge for 4 days. It also gives me the option to change seasoning. The more variety the less chance of hating your meals.

For the first few days I will divide up the meat portions and veggies in marked containers. I like to use an erasable marker to mark the containers contents. After I have used up the first few days of meals, the night before I will then prep for another couple of days only taking a no more than 20 mins.

I will prepare all my shakes in measured seal plastic bags. So it’s easy and just grab worthy.

I like to have all the food I need in a cooler bag for the day. Less chance of being stuck somewhere with nothing to eat. Keeping my hangry side at bay. Again not being tied to the house and your perfect eating schedule.

I even keep a back-up can of tuna, can opener in my cooler along side a container of olive oil just in case. It can be pretty easy to pick up some veggies from a grocery store if need be.

All in all spending a few hours on a Sunday morning will save you hours during the week. If you think about it chopping veggies and cooking for every meal can be about 2 hours at the very least every day. It you spend max 4 hours on Sunday preparing you are saving 6 hours in the week. Giving you more time to do whatever it is you love doing besides cooking ;0).

I hope these tools will give you some benefits to helping you pursue your fitness journey. As you know it’s a lifestyle and not a diet.

Keep training and living a healthier lifestyle.