Health and Fitness Tracker Journal


Brand Body Tempo Health & Fitness

This Tracker is unique to you health and fitness goals.

Sections included are

-Track your progress with girth measurements, weight and Body Fat percentage.

-Visualize your future with creating a dream or vision board within the book.

-Set goals:  Goal setting section with 7 different pages for different goals.

-Plan your meals in advance.

-Shopping list.  Create a shopping list from your future meal planning in above section

-Track your meals.  Track your actual meals with what time.  Track how much water you drink in the section too.  Rate your week 1 out of 5 stars.  Area for notes too!

-Plan your workout schedule in advance

-Track your workouts.  Track what you do in the gym through reps and weights.  You can also track which days you do cardio and give yourself a rating 1 out of 5 stairs.


The idea behind this product is that actually writing down your goals and your workouts will keep you more motivated and connected to your goals.


Price includes shipping within Canada❤️