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Sleep does your hormone levels good!

Exercise can improve your sleep but can sleep improve your exercise? The answer to the this question is YES. Sleep can also improve, not only your exercise but every other function in your life. Lack of sleep can really effect your cognitive functions. Which then relays to your work life, family life, training life.

Many people may not realize that when you exercise with some intensity it elevates cortisol in your body, because basically you have placed your body under a physical stress to achieve fitness. Normally, that is OK. When you rest after exercise, cortisol levels will return to normal as your muscles go to work repairing and rebuilding. That is how we get fit. The question is what is Adequate sleep? The National Sleep Foundation suggests that for the average healthy adult should get at the very least 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

In my experience training hard with only 6-7 hours put aside for sleep my body does not have enough time to repair fully. Thus my gains started to fade and fat loss would not budge. When I tried to sleep I was just WAY to amped to fall sleep.(keep in mind no stimulants or coffee was involved) It was almost 2 weeks without a solid 2 hours of sleep. You can image what happen. It was a vicious cycle. My cortisol levels were high due to a lack of sleep and my sleep was nil to none from my cortisol levels being high. After much research and chatting with my very knowledgeable mentors we nailed it down. I began to include in my routine cortisol support. It helps to relax and control Cortisol levels. My sleep has improved vastly as well as my fitness goals and gains.