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Training while pregnant

As some of you know I have been pregnant for the last 10 months. My Husband and I just welcomed our brand new baby boy Jack in the beginning of January. I often would get the question when should you stop or start training while pregnant.

As a pre and postnatal training specialist it depends entirely on your pregnancy. For example for the first few weeks of pregnancy most women experience morning sickness or like me all day sickness. We as women experience everything differently and what may work for some, may not work for others.

For me Exercise always made me feel better. I did have to take a few steps back and alter my style of training. There are some alterations as you become more pregnant you would want to avoid. If you ever need help figuring out what would be best please contact me. I would be happy to write a program for you that is safe for pregnancy. It will also help with a smooth and fast delivery.

Eat the foods that make you feel well. While I had morning sickness plain soda crackers were the only thing I could keep down and not feel ill. Is that ideal, not really but it was necessary for me to eat. Once that phase passes do you best to eat healthy foods in any denomination or combinations. Donโ€™t be worried about weight gain too much. As long as you are eating nutrient foods you will be fine. Avoid the concept of eating for two. If exercising only an additional 500kcals per day and no exercise its only 300kcals over and above. To give you measure.

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