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You are beautiful <3

You are beautiful!

Thank you so much for reading. I am truly grateful to you and hopefully I have, or can, help you in some way big or small.

I am in an industry where most people come my way wanting to change something they don’t like about themselves. Sometimes even fixated on areas of themselves that they despise and they want change.

I have had hundreds of health and fitness consultations over the years. What I have gathered thus far. When it comes to ourselves and our bodies is that we under appreciate them for who and what we are and can be. Our bodies are quite magnificent machines in so many ways.

OK I will admit I have been guilty of SELF HATE in the past. When I used to look in a mirror, I could zero in on what I didn’t like in about 0.53 seconds. My thoughts: “thighs were too big, my arms where clunky, I always seemed to carry Michelin tire around my mid-section and the list goes on. I was focusing on everything I didn’t like about myself. Not surprisingly… all my negativity never seemed to help any of the above change.

Those days are gone and I have since changed my thought process entirely. I realized that in order to change my outside I need to work on my inside. I started with my thoughts…instead of allowing “negative Nancy” to “talk” to me. I would set out a weekly goal to practice “Self Love.” Yes SELF LOVE. I know for me I didn’t like the idea at first and thought it was kind of silly. I would stand in front of the mirror and I would say out loud what I like about myself. This can be anything you like about yourself. For example: if you have beautiful eyes say it out loud or if you have beautiful skin say that out loud. This is mantra is not limited to your physical self. If you are a caring & loving person say it! If you are amazing at being a mother say it out loud! You will be surprised at the affect it has on your sense of self-worth. If you are good at something don’t be ashamed to say it. It’s good to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments!

My goal for all women and men is to stop being so judgmental toward yourself. I want you to be proud of “you”, for who you are and where you are in this moment. Let’s stop focusing on what we don’t like and pay more attention to what we do like. Focus on what’s great about this moment and not what you would like from your future self. Enjoy every moment and remind yourself that you really are beautiful inside and out.