We are a dedicated team of professional personal trainers who create programs and classes designed to help move your body into the future YOU.

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Fit for Life Protocol

Welcome to Our 10-week Body Tempo Protocol Group Fitness Coaching!
Looking forward to helping you reach your fitness and health goals.

Are You Tired of Starting Over?

  • Lacking motivation & support?
  • Not sure how to workout?
  • Not sure how to eat?
  • I understand! I struggled for years.

Change Your Life in 10 WEEKS!

  • Full length workouts
  • Learn to calculate your macros/calorie for your goals
  • Access 250 recipes
  • Learn to meal plan and prep
  • Facebook Group

What's included in The Body Tempo Protocol Training Package

"Unlock a comprehensive training experience with our Body Tempo Protocol Package, designed to maximize your fitness potential through expertly crafted workouts, personalized guidance, and consistent progress tracking."
2x Group Fitness classes

2 options Wed and Friday 6 a.m. or Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

The Protocol Nutrition Program

Male, Female, Vegan and Vegetarian Options

PRO APP ACCESS throughout the challenge

Get exclusive PRO app access during the challenge for a tailored training experience

Personalized Calender

Weekly Home or Gym Workouts uploaded into your personalized Calender in the App

Weekly Inbody Scans

Receive weekly Inbody scans to track and visualize your body composition progress

Private Group Chat

Join our private group chat for support and community interaction

Weekly Challenges to progress change

To inspire and track your progress

Total Monthly Value

3 Installments Investment




3 months minimum


and Save $100

Videos on how to be successful using our Platform

Next Steps

Please take the time to watch the videos to fully utilize our program and maximize success.

1. First steps

  • Sign the Agreement (sent to you via email)
  • Introduce yourself to the Body Tempo app community
  • How to take advantage of our online Platform: video Skip to 11.48 seconds to see how to enter your nutrition in on desktop version.

2. How to enter your measurements and photos

if you choose otherwise coaches will do this the last week of every month. (PRO APP)


3. How to enter your nutrition in the App

4. How to track your workouts and weights used. Move them to the days you are able to train

5. How to book your appointments and how to see all classes booked

How to book your appointments


How to see all classes booked

You may also purchase the PRO APP version

  • Access to 5000+ animated exercises
  • Access to 1000+ workouts
  • Nutrition Tracking (similar to myfitnesspal)
  • Progress tracker
  • Recorded guided meditation
  • Foam rolling routines
  • Join in on Fitness challenges such as push-ups, walking, running, etc.
  • Photos for each exercise
  • Video demonstrations for each exercise
  • Full length videos for home strength workouts
  • Full length videos for cardio workouts
  • 250 Recipes with macros/calories
  • Members only nutrition videos
  • Private Facebook group
  • Email support

Reviews straight
from the gym

Success Stories

Erin is a truly excellent trainer! She is the perfect combination of tough (“Erin, you are KILLING me!”) and warm (“Sheldon, you are doing SO well”), and she works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts, I am stronger mentally and physically, I have better balance in my life and most importantly, working out has become fun. Throughout my competition prep Erin helped me get through my highs and lows. I was extremely happy with the end results and look forward to working with her again for my next competition in 2014! I highly recommend her without reservation.





1. What should I bring to my first session and/or all sessions?

Please bring indoor shoes, water and a towel.

2. Are groups limited to women or men only?

There are also seasonal pre and post natal...

3. How long are personal training sessions?

The usual training session consists of approximately 1 hour sessions.

4. How often do I need to commit to training with your or in the gym?

That depends on your plan, your budget and how often you want to come into the gym. For Clients who purchase 1 on 1 personal training packages we provide them with their workout program and workout sheets so that they can do workouts on their own as well as with their trainer.

Workout program in app. Where you can input your weights and delete exercises omitted. There is an option for you to print off your program. If you would like a printed copy of your program there is a fee of $5. You may print off from your home at no charge.

5. Are you going to teach me how to design plans?

Not directly.  The service is that of a coach-client relationship and not that of a teacher-student rapport.  That said, in providing you with the info required for you to get the most out of your plans and helping you troubleshoot, over time, you should pick up a great deal as a secondary benefit.

6. If I email you how quick should I expect a reply?

All correspondence is email based with an average reply time within 24 – 48 hours.  This allows for fully considered and measured questions, comments and replies.

7. How often are plans changed?

Programs are changed every 4 to 8 weeks.

8. Do I have to live in Nanaimo BC to obtain your service?

If you have access to an internet connection and Zoom, resistance training equipment, and quality foods (meats, produce, etc) we can most likely design a plan fit for you and your needs.

9. When starting a biweekly payment plan program how much money is due prior to starting?

We require just the first payment 5 days prior to start date. This allows for us to start programming. Your second payment will withdraw two weeks post start date.

10. Do I have to wear a mask while exercising indoors?

Wearing a mask is a personal choice and is no longer mandatory.

11. Do I need a vaccine passport in your gym in BC?

No vaccine passports are required.