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When is it time to change your Fitness Routine?

Tired of your old routine at the gym or even worse you stopped getting results from your workouts.

Here are some tips on how to get the best results when training at them gym:

  1. Change is your best friend!  When I say change it can even be just as simple as changing your back day from Wednesday to Friday.  You could even try from morning training to night training.  Just ANY CHANGE IS GOOD :0)
  2. If you are a person that likes to take classes.  Try something new.
  3. There are also many different types of training out there. if you are someone that weight trains regularly, try some of the styles out there such as metabolic training or if you are a runner try swimming.  Just to put something different into the mix.  Training should be fun and challenging in a good way.
  4. It is very beneficial to change your routine up every 4-8 weeks depending on your full recovery time.  
  5. Writing down your routine will also help you fulfill your intentions at the gym. GO WITH A PURPOSE.  It also helps you stay on track while you are there.
  6. If you have been training for years and have seen minimal results, consult a Personal Trainer to help you succeed in your goals. Results can come faster than you might think .
  7. Change up your tempo up during reps.  Tempo is the speed in which your perform your reps.  Different tempo will develope different types of muscle building.
I am hopeful that these tips will help you bring your training back to life and your results to a new level!  If you need any further help please let me know I am always here to help and I also offer FREE consultations to help you reach your ultimate goals.